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Rat Problems - The 3 Commandments of Rats: Eat, Breed and Infest

Rat problems in New York are no new thing. In 1945, a young journalist writing for The New Yorker named Joseph Mitchell penned a startling comment in one of his columns: "Some [rat] authorities think that in New York's five boroughs, there is one rat for every human being". Seventy years…

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Bed Bugs Lurking in the Subway Could Be a Bigger Problem Than Expected

Recently, the New York Daily News reported the removal of three N-line trains from service after a bed bug infestation was found on several of the cars. Although it's not clear whether bedbugs were discovered in cars that provide seating for passengers, the NYD news does state that bed…

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Spontaneous Combustion in Trash Chutes? It Can Happen!

A neglected, dirty trash chute presents a serious fire hazard due to interior accumulations of grime, sludge and grease. When building owners fail to maintain a clean, properly functioning trash chute, the risk of fire can be further heightened by broken or sticking chute doors, clogged vents and…

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