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Drain Flies and the Food Safety Modernization Act

Managing pest infestations can be an ongoing, serious problem in food manufacturing facilities simply because of the nature of the facility, i.e., the processing of raw foods, ensuring that employees adhere to strict cleanliness practices and preventing packaging materials from becoming…

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Pest Control in Food Management Facilities

Maintaining a flawlessly sanitary food facility is even more important to the viability of any food processing plant due to the recent establishment of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011, Considered the most comprehensive reform of food safety regulations in nearly 70 years, the…

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Repelling Dangerous Mosquitoes by - Reading the Newspaper?

Everybody uses a rolled-up newspaper to swat annoying mosquitoes but have you ever rubbed a newspaper on your skin to repel mosquitoes? Probably not, unless you live in Sri Lanka, India. Read the News While Repelling Mosquitoes If you had lived in Sri Lanka last year, you could have been…

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