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Occasional Unwanted Pests--Centipedes and Millipedes

Centipede and millipede infestations frequently occur in high-moisture environments that provide abundant food sources year around. Restaurants are especially susceptible to being overrun with these "hundred leggers", in addition to hotels with kitchens, food facilities, hospitals and schools. Do…

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It's a Winter Wonderland for Termites!

Termites are major wood-destroying structural pests that cause billions of dollars in damage each year to restaurants, hospitals, food manufacturing facilities, schools and hotels.Termites can establish colonies containing as many as two million workers and are infamous for…

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Strategic Facility Planning - What You Need to Know

A process leading to enhanced product delivery, reductions in operational errors and sustained customer satisfaction, strategic facility planning (SFP) involves facility managers developing and implementing a flexible plan that meets or exceeds specific considerations concerning the…

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