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Is It Worth Incorporating Green Cleaning Practices in my Facility?

Why should facility managers consider practicing green cleaning methods over traditional cleaning methods? Here's 10 good reasons why: 1. Green cleaning products are made of biodegradable ingredients that pose no threat to the environment or human health. 2. Using green cleaning products promotes…

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New Research from the New York Times Covers Rats and the Food-Borne Pathogens they Carry

Excerpt form the New York Times published on Oct, 14, 2014, 'Rats and Their Alarming Bugs'. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that our well-being is intimately linked to the health of animals. The current Ebola epidemic probably got its start when someone came into…

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Pest Prevention Tips for Autumn

As temperatures dip and shorter days force everyone to reluctantly head indoors, insect and rodent pests also begin searching frantically for protection against the impending wintry mix of cold, sleet and snow. Facility managers especially dislike this time of year because they know from experience…

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