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5 Mistakes Facility Managers Make When Addressing a Pest Problem

Probably the biggest issue facility managers face is knowing when to call a pest control company. Glimpsing one or two insects or a pair of mice scurrying away into the darkness doesn't mean you've just seen the only two pests squatting in your building. Even facility managers who hold the most…

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Attack of the Spiders!

Unfortunately, some spider invasions can't be stopped by simply turning off a bad B movie. Instead, spiders that commonly infest facilities can quickly grow to "attack" stage if they aren't eradicated by a professional pest control company. Spiders Facts Most spiders live about one…

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The Rodent Problem is Real In NYC Schools

In 2013, NYC's Newtown High School in Elmhurst suffered high numbers of health violations for having mice and roaches in the cafetaria--the highest number of violations out of all NY public schools, in fact. Inspectors found over 100 mice droppings during one investigation while noting…

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