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Tips for the Facility Manager: How To Manage Waste Properly

Storing, managing and disposing of waste according to strict health department regulations is one of a facility manager's most important functions as chief operator of an industrial or commercial establishment. If waste is not managed properly, contamination of the facility might occur or…

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Stink Bug Season: How to Avoid It

With no natural predators craving its distinctly disagreeable taste and odor, the marmorated stink bug can now be found all over the U.S., marching like obedient soldiers into millions of commercial, educational and hospitality facilities where there is warmth, food and plenty of hiding spaces…

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Is It Worth Incorporating Green Cleaning Practices in my Facility?

Why should facility managers consider practicing green cleaning methods over traditional cleaning methods? Here's 10 good reasons why: 1. Green cleaning products are made of biodegradable ingredients that pose no threat to the environment or human health. 2. Using green cleaning products promotes…

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