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24/7/365 Accessibility

Assured Difference - 24/7/365 Accessibility 

  • 24/7/365 Internal call center

  • 24/7/365 Tech coverage throughout area

  • 24/7/365 On-line customer reporting 

Assured’s call center team is comprised of its own employees, who are company owners. They take pride in their work and do not rely upon computerized menus or tele-robots. When customers call Assured they get a live employee on the phone – even during off-hour emergency situations. 

Staying close to the customer is one of the benefits of having a call capability that always places a live human being (who can make a decision and is reliable) on the phone with a customer in need. Accessibility to solutions, when and where you need it, is a critical component of customer service. 

According to, “a product or service can provide value in many ways. Along with helping a customer save money or providing enjoyment, it also could save the consumer time, provide a benefit that could not be obtained without the product or increase the value of something the customer already owns.” 

For example, customers often have questions about the impact of pest treatments upon pets that may live in an apartment building with tenants. Although Assured is clear about its green policies, its IPM programs, and its LEED® and GreenShield® certifications which have a minimal impact upon the environment, we welcome questions like this from customers who need to be reassured that the company “practices what it preaches.”

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