First things first: what is commercial grade bird netting? It’s an adaptable solution for keeping birds outside of your commercial business. Heavy duty netting can be found in a wide variety of stock sizes, strengths, and mesh patterns. When you have it installed by a trained installation team, it’ll effectively protect against birds while remaining completely un-obstructive. Netting is so useful that it’s used in virtually every industry for the safety and protection of people and property. Cool, huh?

The benefits of installing commercial-grade netting are nearly endless, but here are ten of our favorites. Commercial-grade netting…


…Keeps spectators safe

Commercial-grade netting is uniquely suited to providing protection to spectators at venues like sports stadiums. It’s lightweight, strong, flexible, and easy to install. Plus, spectators can actually see through it!

Netting protects spectators from foul balls, hockey pucks, tennis balls, and other sports-related projectiles in stadiums all over the world. If you’ve ever attended a sporting event, chances are you’ve seen it in action. It might have even saved you from a rogue ball!

…Keeps birds out without hurting them

Netting installed in businesses prevents birds from making nests in vulnerable and often sensitive areas. You don’t have to use harmful measures like poisons, and you still end up with a bird-free business. Everybody wins.

…Helps prevent property damage

You don’t always control who your neighbors are, which means you can’t always protect against the risk of property damage. Netting can protect your building from golf balls, stones, construction debris, racquetballs… cannon balls, or any other flying object that could harm your property.

…Helps minimize liability risks

You want to keep your customers and employees safe from flying something-or-others. You don’t want to get embroiled in a lawsuit after someone gets hit by a flying something-or-other. A commercial netting installation takes care of both these concerns in one fell swoop.

…Keeps birds out rooftops and out of ventilation

It doesn’t end with the things already listed. Netting can be especially beneficial to businesses that rely on special machinery or spaces like airports and factories. Controlling the flow of bird traffic away from your business means reducing the damage they can cause.

…Provides protection from both sun and wind

Some specific varieties of netting provide additional protection from nature’s hassles, like heavy winds and UV rays.

…Helps reduce the impact of bird waste

Bird waste is acidic and wears away at even the most pristine buildings and materials. Droppings aren’t the only waste that birds leave behind, too.

Netting can also prevent birds from building nests on your property. Nesting materials clog gutters, mess with production schedules, and give everyone a hard time. Preventing them from being made in the first place solves a lot of problems.

…Helps prevent health hazards.

Keeping birds away means protecting employees and customers from bird-borne illnesses like histoplasmosis or encephalitis.

…Is low maintenance and affordable.

It’s hard to beat netting when it comes to bang-for-your-buck.

…Is easily and quickly installed by experts.

And hey, this blog was written by the best commercial-grade nesting installers in the area. What an awesome coincidence, huh?

Long story short: commercial-grade netting has benefits that positively impact your businesses’ finances, safety, and longevity. If you’re interested in learning more about how this solution can work for your business, contact the pros at Assured Environments today to learn more.