Flies are not your friends. Drain flies are really not your friends. Did you know that a single fly carries an average of over two million different bacteria on its body? Yuck. Flies are infamous for contaminating food, workspaces, and stored products. You don’t want them in your business, and you don’t want them in your drains. Flies love drains because they’re the perfect combination of dark, damp, and out of the way. They’re especially attracted to dirty or clogged drains.

If you want to keep flies out of your business (and you do), you should clean your drains regularly. Here are three signs your business needs professional fly drain treatment right away. If any of these three categories applies to you, don’t wait to call!


1. You actually see drain flies around your drain.

This one’s obvious. If you see flies buzzing around your kitchen or sinks, then it’s because they’re infesting your drains. Drain flies don’t bite, but they multiply rapidly and feed on organic debris. It only takes two weeks for drain fly eggs to hatch. Drain fly larvae are capable of withstanding fairly extreme living conditions.

The reason they these pests love drains is because they love moisture. Many drains contain a “slime” made of water and organic waste that is a drain flies’ favorite meal. Cleaning out this slime makes your drains and your whole office a lot less appealing to the nasty flies.

2. You had no idea what a fly drain treatment was before reading this blog.

If a pro has never cleaned out your office’s drain, then they’re definitely overdue for a thorough treatment. Fly problems are damaging for any type of customer-facing business. Drain cleaning is an important preventative measure that keeps flies away. Just because you can’t see a fly infestation now doesn’t mean one isn’t forming.

A proper fly drain treatment turns organic waste into easily-oxidized fatty acids. These fatty acids turn into non-polluting carbon dioxide, which is safely and easily flushed out of your drains. The result is a clear and clean drain that doesn’t attract flies. Regularly cleaning your drain won’t just wipe out infestations, it will also prevent future infestations before they can form.

3. You work in food service and are worried about regulatory scoring.

If you want your restaurant to score well during safety inspections, keep flies out is obviously paramount. If you don’t have a plan in place for leading with dirty drains, your restaurant will attract flies. Those flies will hurt your inspection scores and could even lead to fines, or worse, unhappy customers.

Nobody wants that, which is why food and beverage commercial pest control services are a necessity.

If you need some help cleaning out your businesses’ drains, give Assured Environments a call any time. We specialize in commercial pest control, to help businesses drive pests away and keep them out for good. By the time we’re done with your drain, it’ll be like you never had flies in the first place.