5 Cool Things Bugs Can Do When They’re Not Bothering Your Business

I bet you’d expect us to say, “We hate bugs! We hate critters and creatures and the like!” While we do hate what they can do when they infest people’s homes or businesses. We’re big fans of the complete pest management approach to creature care, but with that comes a healthy respect for the creatures themselves. We’d rather have them be busy doing some of the cooler things they’re capable of than wasting away bothering you.

You’d be surprised what they can do when they’re not too busy pestering your business.

Cure Cancer

Scorpion venom is currently being tested as a potential cancer cure. A recent scientific study from the University of Colima in Mexico has found that venom from a specific Mexican scorpion, centruoides tecomanus, has over a hundred proteins that have been shown to have a possible toxic effect against cancer cells. While a considerable amount of research is still needed to prove and subsequently synthesize treatment from this venom, it’s still a much better use of a scorpion’s time than hassling your warehouses, don’t you think?

Solve Crimes

Bedbugs can help solve crime! Bedbugs are some of the worst pests out there. They spread easily, they’re a bane to property managers everywhere, and they have a particular taste for human hemoglobin. It’s difficult to find a single redeeming feature about the brown blood-bandits, but recently some scientists have shown that because of their taste for human blood, bedbugs can be used for evidence in criminal court proceedings. Bedbugs found in domiciles where crimes have occurred can be collected as evidence, frozen, and had blood extracted from their bellies as evidence. Don’t worry, we’ll keep them away from your establishments, but hey – at least they’re helping someone out there.

Prevent Diseases

Spiders prevent the spread of disease by eating more troublesome bugs. Fleas were responsible for the original spread of the bubonic plague. They also don’t mind spreading a little typhus or zika around. Do you know what eats fleas? Spiders! When spiders aren’t distracted by scurrying around your place of business, they’re out in the world eating fleas and other disease-spreading arthropods. Even if we don’t like having them in the places we work and live, we can respect them for doing us a favor like that.

 Produce Fruit

Lots of different pests help pollinate plants, keeping us fed. While honeybees are the biggest helpers to mankind when it comes to plant pollination, some other pesky creatures are pollinators as well. A number of beetle varieties as well as flies fertilize flowers which allow them to make seeds for fruit. Without some of these bugs in the world we wouldn’t have tasty peaches, pears, watermelon, oranges, or who knows what else. It’s a good reason to teach them that disturbing your business is not a productive use of their valuable time.

Aid Science

Rats and mice help medical researchers achieve many breakthroughs. Without mice and rats, modern medical research would not be half as far along as it is. The small rodents are used in many research facilities because they reproduce quickly and are small and mammalian. Breakthroughs in many disease research capacities, from diabetes to Parkinson’s to cancer to epilepsy and beyond were made with help from everyone’s favorite furry pest. That’s why it’s important to let them know that they have a much higher calling than hiding out in your office’s supply room.

Pests are… well, pestering. They can disrupt a day’s work, ruin products, and generally be a nuisance if they find their way into your business. Like we’ve shown you here, there are lots of better things everyday pests can be doing instead of bothering you – and if you find yourself unlucky enough to deal with an infestation of the furry, slimy, or crawly sort, all it takes is a call to our professionals at Assured Environments to schedule a consult today.