Probably the biggest issue facility managers face is knowing when to call a pest control company. Glimpsing one or two insects or a pair of mice scurrying away into the darkness doesn’t mean you’ve just seen the only two pests squatting in your building.

Even facility managers who hold the most rigorous of housekeeping standards may wait too long to contact a commercial pest control company. After all, it only takes a few weeks for insect eggs to hatch and less than a month for a female mouse to birth a large generation of descendants.

Whether you’re a building employee or facility manager hired to keep on top of pest problems; It’s also very easy to make errors of judgement when attempting to pre-empt a pest infestation. Here are some common ones we see often in our line of work:

1. Assuming your facility is pest-free because you haven’t seen insects or rodents themselves. 

In any NY location, especially densely populated, urban areas, there are likely to be rodents making their home (and building their families) in your vicinity.

2. Over-the-counter pest control products will eliminate an infestation.

By law, pesticides sold to the public cannot contain chemicals necessary to kill all pests. Sprays and powders only kill pests that encounter the substance, leaving the colony to continue reproducing and infesting your building.

3. Panicking after discovering an infestations and hiring any pest management company on the spur-of-the-moment.

Don’t let the realization that you have an overwhelming pest problem scare you into hiring any pest control company. Take the time to check for proper licensing, years of experience and speciality in the service you need. 

4. Thinking your pest problem with “go away” when the weather turns cold.

In especially cold areas bugs and rodents hate cold weather and will gladly take up residence, reproduce and also invite their friends to join them in any building they can infiltrate. Cold weather does not kill pests–it just makes them even more actively opportunistic and voracious.

5. Neglecting to consider a long-term solution to a pest problem.

Dealing with a pest problem repeatedly after the matter is more costly, can lead to property damage, inventory loss, reputation damage and so much more. It’s imperative to implement long-term, dynamic solutions that are custom-tailored to your facility and specific pest problem. 

Assured Environments provides long-term solutions to pest infestations by practicing IPM (Integrated Pest Management), a comprehensive approach that keeps your facility clean and pest-free throughout the year. Give us a call today to schedule a tour of your facility and see how we can help you pest-free year round.