7 Warehouse Pest Prevention Tips

Warehouses are spacious, airy, and filled with the sorts of nooks and crannies pests love to hide in. If you’re the manager of a warehouse, you’re no stranger to this fact. Warehouses attract their own specific types of pest problems. The question is: how can you protect your space from the specific types of pests that love warehouses?

The answer? Easily, if you follow these seven helpful warehouse pest prevention tips. If you want to keep your warehouse pest-free, all you have to do is:

Know your enemy

Learn about the particular pests that are particularly prone to infiltrating warehouse environments.  Cigarette beetles like warehouses because they prefer dark, wide spaces. Rats, weevils, and Indian meal moths are also quite common.

Clean your drains

Warehouses usually have floor drains to help ensure proper moisture control in the large rooms. Cleaning those drains will help prevent infestations from troublesome pests like flies and spiders.

Take out the garbage

Don’t let garbage sit. Warehouses are already inviting enough without adding the temptation of free food. You should also wash and scrub out your garbage bins every once in a while to clear away residue.

Store dumpsters properly

Make sure your dumpsters or other trash receptacles are covered when you’re not using them. Keep them a good distance away from entrances and exits. Make sure you always use trash bags, rather than throwing garbage directly into bins.

Invest in perimeter exclusion devices

You could buy and set up several different kinds of pest deterrents. Sodium vapor lighting, netting, spikes, and sound makers can all deter pest insects and birds.

Secure the perimeter!

The only way for pests to infest your warehouse is by sneaking inside in the first place. Patrol the perimeter of your building checking for cracks, holes, or other places they could get in. Seal them up to keep pests out.

Keep a pest control company on-call

Having a pest infestation inside your warehouse can cause serious problems. They can stop supply chains, ruin merchandise, and deter customers. If you have a pest infestation, you should call in the pros fast. Have a number on hand so you can do just that.


In fact, you could keep our number on hand! The pros at Assured Environments are always ready and willing to help you keep your warehouse clean and clear. We’ll kick your pests out and make sure they can’t get in again.