When you think of dangerous species that you are likely to find in Florida, you probably conjure up images of alligators and crocodiles sneaking up out of a swamp to grab a tasty snack. However, officials in Florida are dealing with another kind of pest that is causing extensive property damage within Miami – snails. Well, Giant African Land Snails to be specific. These snails can grow to be the size of rats and are multiplying in number of recent years.

The task of pest extermination is often focused on bugs and little critters such as mice and rats, but rarely snails. The size of these snails, though, make them a force to be reckoned with. Since they desire calcium to continue to grow, they are eating through plaster and stucco walls to find it – and causing property damage in the process. Officials in Florida report having removed over 100,000 giant snails from the area already, and work is ongoing. One new method of fighting these snails is man’s best friend, a Labrador retriever. The snails emit a strong odor than a dog can be trained to track. Once trained, a Lab can lead workers right to these big snails so they can be removed quickly and safely. snails have been contained to the Miami city limits, they are still posing a big threat.

Whether it be Giant African Land Snails in Florida, or microscopic bed bugs in New York City, pest extermination is a problem worth paying attention to all over the country. In NYC, there are a variety of threats including mice and rats, along with the aforementioned bed bugs. Treatment from a qualified pest prevention company, along with proper at-home monitoring, is the best way to ensure that no pest problem gets out of control and causes significant damage to the comfort or safety of your home. In the meantime, be sure to watch out for those giant snails next time you are in south Florida!












photo credits to ntlworld