Looking more like a dainty, hairy moth than a house fly, drain flies are not strong flyers and move around by hopping or jumping instead of flying continuously in the air. Although drain flies do not bite, they are pesky, prolific insects that multiply rapidly in optimal conditions, specifically moist areas rich in organic debris. Cracked sewage pipes, consistently wet floor/sink drains and areas where rotting vegetation or food lay undisturbed. Taking only about two weeks to hatch, drain fly eggs contain hardy little larvae capable of resisting low oxygen conditions and temperature extremes. They thrive on the organic slime clinging to moist pipes, drains and other choice breeding spots commonly found in hospitals, schools, restaurants and food distribution facilities.

Eliminating drain flies requires complete removal of the slime on which larvae feed. In fact, when food is scarce, drain flies simply turn into little carnivores until slime accumulates again, which is why it is essential for fly drain cleaning to be done by professionals. Decomposing matter comprising this nutritious slime consists of reconstituted carbon compounds that remain unaffected by non-biological cleaning agents such as bleach, ammonia or Drano-like solutions meant to unclog pipes. Only biological gels loaded with powerful enzymes used in combination with professional mechanical cleaning of drains and sewers will effectively kill fly larvae and rid indoor/outdoor areas of irritating drain flies.

For expert fly drain treatment NJ residents depend on Assured Environments to meticulously remove all slime and debris from drains and pipes. Neglecting to treat an expanding population of drain flies can affect the level of sanitation in health, school and business facilities and violate cleanliness standards established by federal and local health laws. At the first sign of drain flies, contact Assured Environments for prompt, expert elimination of drain flies and avoid possible conflicts with health regulations. Remember that any organic slime and debris sticking to drains and pipe interiors cannot be entirely removed with household cleaners because they do not contain enzymes necessary to deactivate the specialized organic bacteria consumed by drain fly larvae.

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