Why should facility managers consider practicing green cleaning methods over traditional cleaning methods?

Here are 10 good reasons why:

1. Green cleaning products are made of biodegradable ingredients that pose no threat to the environment or human health.

2. Using green cleaning products promotes good air quality within a facility while reducing degradation of HVAC components.

3. Many synthetic cleaning products emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause sensitive people to experience respiratory irritation and breathing difficulties.

4. Using steam cleaners to clean carpets instead of treating carpets with stain-resistant chemicals helps improve the overall “clean” quality of the building while minimizing risks to the health of building occupants..

5. EPA studies have shown that some cleaning chemicals exhibit similar carcinogenic properties associated with pollution when people are consistently exposed to them. Facility managers will significantly improve building air quality by using green cleaning products when cleaning carpets.

6. Educating employees on the benefits of green cleaning products and cleaning policies incorporating environmentally safe practices gets everybody involved in the switch to green practices.

7. Facility managers are starting to utilize “day cleaning” instead of night cleaning to reduce energy costs. In addition, managers are finding that people in the building who witness cleaning being done during the day (with green products, of course), have a better perspective about the facility as a whole.

8. Using cloths and mops made of microfiber are more safe and effective than rag mops (microfiber is lint-free, more absorbent and better at picking up dirt than other cloth types).

9. Hospital, nursing home and hotel facility managers should make it a point to buy laundry detergent with little to no phosphates. Inorganic compounds called phosphates do not break down easily in wastewater processing systems and can reach rivers and streams where they contribute to algae growth and reduced oxygen content in the water. Consequently, aquatic life suffers from phosphate-contaminated water and humans may inadvertently drink minimal amounts of phosphates because of its non-degradable properties.

10. Engaging in green cleaning practices not only means using organic products that contain no harmful chemicals or vapors but also establishing a pest control plan incorporating safe, environmentally friendly pesticides. At Assured Environments our integrated pest management system delivers results without unnecessary or indiscriminate use of pesticides and can be tailored to meet either GreenShield or LEED certifications. Contact Assured Environments for valuable information regarding mitigation of potential pest infestations and advantages to incorporating integrated pest management solutions in your facility’s green cleaning practices. 

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