Assured Employees Rescue Long-Eared Owl

Recently, Assured’s very own Vice President Barry Beck and technician Paul Abbatantuono went above-and-beyond to live up to Assured’s commitment to responsible, sustainable environment control… and found themselves in the news for their efforts!

While responding to a call on Friday, December 29, Barry and Paul happened to find an injured Long-eared owl. The poor thing was lying on the 14th floor of the midtown Manhattan building the two men were treating. Experts believe the owl likely suffered a concussion after colliding with one of the building’s windows.

Luckily, Barry and Paul knew exactly what to do. They wrapped the injured owl in a jacket and took the subway straight to the Wild Bird Fund. The pros at the Wild Bird Fund treated the owl with anti-inflammatory medication and antibiotic eye drops. The owl recovered from her injuries over the course of the weekend. Finally, the Fund successfully re-released her into Central Park on New Year’s Day, under the light of the supermoon.

We couldn’t be prouder of Barry and Paul for setting a great example of what it means to be responsible pest control professionals. We’re sure the owl is pretty thankful, too. Great work, guys!