They say a dog is man’s best friend. They are also a bed bug’s worst enemy.

Within the last year, Assured Environments has had its’ team of 5 bed bug scent detecting dogs certified for use in the field. Canines have been used in the past for scent detection in other fields such as narcotics, explosives and lost people. Assured Environments was among the first pest control companies in New York to use bed bug dogs to find bed bug infestations.

Our wonderful dogs: Boomer, Bugsy, Mandy, Summer, and Riley have all been very busy as they continue their training and operate in the field on a daily basis to help detect the unpleasant pests. In May 2011, Assured Environments’ bed bug dogs found 681,000 square feet within New York City to be completely free of bed bugs. So far this year, our canines have cleared over 5.9 million square feet of bed bug free space – a welcome relief to many New Yorker’s who still live in constant fear that bed bugs may strike them at any time. These proactive services that are offered by Assured help to reduce the risk of heavy bed bug infestations and high treatment costs associated with eradication.

Unfortunately, Assured Environments will be saying goodbye to one of our beloved team members and wishing her the best of luck. Our team-leading canine, Summer, a lovely and beautiful 5-year old German Shepherd, has retired as of the beginning of June after 10 “dog” years, or roughly 18 months of identifying bed bug infestations.

On a brighter note, we will publicly welcome our newest team-member, Riley. Riley, the youngest bed bug dog in Assured’s canine department, is a 2-year old beagle, and loves working! Riley has been training with Assured Environments’ Master Trainer Sue Lavoie for the past 6 months and has been certified according to the latest National Pest Management Association standards for best practice. Riley currently operates in the field, searching for bed bugs in New York City and surrounding areas.

Bed bug canine inspection is just one of the many services Assured Environments offers, but as with all of our services, is performed with the utmost expertise and sensitivity in order to alleviate any concerns our clients may have.  Call us today to schedule a free consultation or a bed bug canine inspection.