On November 14th 2013, Assured Environments will be given the opportunity to present our IPM Green Pest Management Solutions for BPCIF (Barcelona Pest Control International Forum) at the Hotel Confortel Barcelona. Throughout this presentation President / CEO Andrew Klein, will be presenting a demonstration on the progression and innovation of Green Pest Management practices performed by Assured Environments.


With the ever increasing need for environmentally sound pest practices the question to ask is why should we be concerned with Green Pest Management? Andrew Klein will give a detailed overview on the foundations of Green Pest Management, describing the process of documentation and communication, which incorporates “Inspection” and “Monitoring”, Identifying the pest, Scale of response according to infestation, Assured Environments control methods and the Evaluation of Effectiveness. Green Pest Management is based around consideration of health, safety, environmental or social impact of the products you choose and everyday behavior or lifestyle decision.


A Green property is an effective way of living or working in an environmentally-aware area. The demands for Green Services are not only a growing necessity but offer more value.