Assured Environments, providing professional pest management services since 1934, is now offering a Green Shield Certified service called “The Green Assurance.” The program provides affordable, effective pest control with a minimum of pesticide use. “It’s a natural fit with we’re all about,” says Tim Hendricks, training director for the company. “SOS – or ‘Seek the Source’ is the way we do pest control,” Hendricks continues. “We don’t take the band-aid approach of applying pesticides to cover up the underlying problems.”

For example, mosquitoes were recently reported inside a school building. Ron Ross, staff entomologist with more than twenty-five years experience, investigated. “We usually don’t’ see mosquitoes inside a building. Another company might simply treat the area. We found a broken sump pump that led to water collecting in the sump. Mosquitoes were breeding in the water. The school fixed the pump and the problem was solved for good. That’s how ‘seek the source’ works.”

Hendricks describes a second example. “A chain of grocery stores recently became a customer. They were failing health department inspections for pest issues. We worked with them to help them understand how to improve cleaning practices specifically to address the pest problems they were having. Now we have all of their locations passing inspections with no violations.”

“IPM works best as a partnership between the service provider and the client,” according to Dr. Thomas Green, president of the non-profit IPM Institute of North America. Dr. Green conducted the on-site evaluation that’s required before qualifying for the Green Shield Certified program. “Your pest control provider should be a highly trained diagnostician who can determine why the problem is occurring, and come up with a practical solution to solve the problem permanently. Assured Environments meets that standard.”

Assured Environments operates in several states and is part of Copesan, a national network of pest management service providers. The new Green Assurance service is currently available the New York metropolitan area.