Assured Environments, New York’s largest pest control company, will be participating in the 2011 BedBug University North American Summit this week. The conference, which officially begins September 24 with attendee and exhibitor registration, will run through September 28. It will be held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago and will feature three days of enlightening presentations on all aspects of bed bugs. Attendees will be able to hear industry leaders and the latest research about bed bugs, as well as network with experts, suppliers and their peers.

During the summit, Assured Environments’ president, Andrew Klein, will speak on “Bed Bug Scent Detection.” He will cover all facets of the topic, including the costs involved not only for clients of this service, but also for existing and prospective scent detection business owners. He will also reveal the flags people should look for when hiring a trained, bed-bug-detection dog. Klein has given speeches at a number of industry events and has impressed participants and his colleagues with his extensive expertise. A graduate of Harvard Business School, he has served as president of the family-owned pest control company since 1994.

“Bed bug infestation is such a mounting problem for individuals and organizations nationwide, Klein said. “I am pleased to be able to shed some light on this critical topic to help people find a feasible solution.” 

The keynote address of the summit will focus on “Fear and Loathing: Social Issues and the Psychological Impact of Bed Bugs.” The session will explore how bed bugs have evolved into much more than a pest management concern—but rather, a significant medical and societal issue. It will also delve into the future of legislation and litigation surrounding bed bugs and what needs to be considered by all stakeholders concerning the growth of bed bug infestations. Presenters for this topic will be U.S. Congressman Robert Dold, Dr. Michael F. Potter of the University of Kentucky and Dr. Caleb Adler M.D. of the University of Cincinnati.

 Other informative topics that will be featured during the event include:

  • “Bed Bugs 101”
  • “Bed Bugs Without Beds: Tackling Bed Bugs in Offices, Retail and Public Spaces”
  • “Spotting Bed Bugs Sooner: New Technology in Bed Bug Detection Devices and Techniques”
  • “Bringing the Heat: A Look at Heat Treatments”
  • “The Search for a Silver Bullet: Where is Science Taking Us”
  • “Chemical Treatments: Navigating a New World of Government Regulations and Pesticide Options”

The North American Summit has been recognized as a terrific opportunity to gain insight into this growing industry—especially for new startup companies that perhaps don’t have the full expertise or training on this subject. But this summit is more than just an industry event for pest control experts and companies like Assured Environments, which has been handling bed bug issues since World War II. Attendees will also include retail owners, hospitality-industry executives and commercial property managers, among others. The conference is generating a great deal of interest not only nationally, but also overseas. For instance, the upcoming event has attracted the attention of Hidetaka Haga, the owner of Civil International Corporation (CIC), Japan’s second-largest pest control company and a partner of Assured Environments. This year’s summit is expected to draw 600 attendees—about double the number of last year’s participants.