Facility managers have the vital task of ensuring their properties are in tip-top shape at all times. For health care institutions, keeping a pest-free environment is particularly crucial. An infestation could lead to the spread of disease and bacteria, not to mention irrefutable negative press. If the media discovers your facility is experiencing a pest problem, you might have a nasty public relations scandal on the horizon.


Rather than addressing problems as they arise, consider implementing preventative pest management measures instead. Assured Environments’ Green Integrated Pest Management programs offer customized solutions for your commercial property. Our highly trained team of professionals including our own on-staff entomologists understand the science behind preventing pest problems before they arise.


Preventative Pest Management Tips and Suggestions for Healthcare Facilities:


  • Seal Cracks: Get an expert to examine the interior and exterior of your facility and inspect for insect entry points. Seal and caulk any small cracks and crevices that insects/small rodents can enter through.

  • Replace Screens: Window and door screens that are loose or have holes in them will let flies and possibly birds into your building. Let a trained technician replace worn-out screens.

  • Proper Trash Disposal: Keep dumpsters away from the building and sealed tightly. Take out all garbage daily. Make sure your trash chutes are properly cleaned by a professional chute cleaning company. This will do more than improve the odor of your facility, it can prevent costly infestations.

  • Effective Linen Cleaning: Bed bugs are still running rampant in New York and New Jersey. Always wash your facility’s sheets, gowns, blankets and linens with hot water often. Make sure to check beds, chairs and other common bed bug breeding grounds for possible infestations.

  • Food and Flower Delivery: Pests can enter your building during food and plant deliveries so it is essential to establish proper delivery protocols.

  • Maintain Plumbing: Certain insects such as cockroaches and flies are attracted to stagnant water.  Fixing clogs, fastening floor drains and caulking any entry points around pipes can stop pests from entering through your plumbing system.

  • Keep Landscaping in Check: Proper grounds maintenance can prevent rodents from having easy access to upper level floors, windows or even the roof.

  • Sanitation: Clean up all spills immediately and keep your floors as tidy as possible.

When in doubt, hire a commercial pest management company to accurately assess your facility and come up with a plan to avoid potential pest problems in the future. The professionals at Assured Environments utilize their Green IPM programs to effectively address all of your issues, giving you the peace of mind to ensure all patients, family members and visitors in your healthcare facility remain protected from pests and the diseases they carry.