As summer winds down and kids, both grade school and college-age, head back to school, many in New York City are concerned about the growing population of bed bugs spreading on campuses and beyond. Any place where a great number of residents are concentrated, such as a hotel or college dorm, can be a feeding ground for bed bugs to grow in numbers and cause problems for those living on site. Unfortunately, these bugs can also travel home with the students, only furthering the citywide problem. Many colleges and universities, including NYU, are bringing in a professional NYC exterminator in order to remedy the problem.

One of the biggest problems with controlling the bed bug population is simply their size. A quick glance at a mattress or bed sheets might not reveal anything, leading a student to think that the area is free from bugs. However, the bugs can hid in small crevices and little pockets, only to crawl out at night. They are also resistant to many traditional pest control methods, meaning that they may survive even after an area has been treated for other species of bugs. Also, since the bed bugs live so near to where humans sleep, the use of heavy chemicals is not ideal because the people themselves will then be in close contact with the treatments.

There are some home bed bug solutions that can also be used in a school environment, but often the best solution is an NYC exterminator that can fully treat the problem and bring it to a quicker resolution. By the time that many students or faculty are noticing bites and swelling, the infestation may already be out of control. With proper attention and the right treatment options applied by a qualified professional, the bed bug battle can be won both in schools and at home.