Be careful when choosing an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs. They might be using pesticide banned by the EPA.

That’s what happened to a Vermont couple when they discovered bedbugs infesting their home and hired what they thought was a reputable pest control company. Now, their residence is uninhabitable because AAA Accredited Pest Control Corporation sprayed a dangerous pesticide called chlorphyrifos in their home, even though this particular pesticide was banned in 2012.

Why Would a Professional Exterminator Use Banned Pesticide?

Cary Buck, owner of AAA Accredited Pest Control Corp, has since lost his pest control license and paid a hefty fine of $275,000 for using chlorphyrifos and endangering the lives of Patricia and Neil Whitney. In addition, the Whitneys received a $450,000 settlement to compensate for their losses and being subjected to unethical practices. What’s worse is that Vermont’s State Agricultural Department investigated residences in which Mr. Buck treated with pesticides and found that he had knowingly used chlorphyrifos in 45 homes prior to the Whitney incident.

What is chlorpyrifos and why would an exterminator used an illegal pesticide in customer homes? According to the National Pesticide Information Center, chlorpyrifos affects the nervous system by blocking enzymes that facilitate transmission of nerve signals. Essentially, chlorpyrifos paralyzes and then kills pests. It also affects the human nervous system this way as well.

Originally created as a nerve gas during World War II, chlorpyrifos causes a runny nose, excessive tearing and drooling to those exposed to small amounts of the pesticide. Prolonged exposure produces serious symptoms such as vomiting, twitching, stomach cramping and convulsions.

Assured Environments uses only approved pest control products that can be safely used around humans. One of our utmost concerns is not only the safety of our clients but the environment. Our integrated pest management methods comply with the United Stated Green Building Council, and in addition to that we can assist our clients in receiving LEED qualifications for their facility.

Instead of getting rid the pesticide after it was banned a few years ago, Buck tried to use chlorpyrifos to avoid a significant loss of revenue. His story serves as an example of what not to do in bed bug treatment. Contact us to schedule a tour of your facility and ensure you prevent a bed bug problem becoming a catastrophe. Call us on 888-840-3241.