The thought of bedbugs makes almost anyone’s skin crawl, and with their population increasing as much as 500 percent in just the last few years  there has been somewhat of an obsession trying to get rid of the nasty little pests. Unfortunately, this means there have also been a few less than scrupulous companies that have come about, aiming to lighten the wallets of unsuspecting customers while doing little to nothing to rid their homes or buildings of bedbugs.

What should you look for when choosing the best company for bed bug extermination?

Trained and certified

 In your search, only consider companies who employ trained and certified professionals and are fully licensed and insured.  A company that uses sub-contractors instead of their own fully-trained employees may not be the best choice. Sub-contractors are temporary workers who may be in the area for a limited period of time. While not always the case, without having to worry about being held accountable for their actions- the likelihood of mistakes increases.

Cheapest is not necessarily the best

 There may be someone who can give you a better price, but keep in mind that this means they probably pay their employees less or are cutting corners in other ways. This often comes back to the customer with a less than satisfactory job, and when it comes to bedbugs, if the infestation is not completely eliminated, you’ll end up paying for the service again. That cheap price doesn’t seem so cheap if the work isn’t done.


 One of the best indications of good future performance is good past performances. Checking the references of the company’s past clients is one of the best ways to ensure that the job is done well. Don’t be afraid to ask. Good companies will be more than willing to provide references including names and telephone numbers of their customers.


 What type of methods will be used in the extermination process? Is there potential toxicity or effects of the treatment on pets or children as well as adults? If this is a concern, does the company offer 100% green solution that has proven to be effective?

Treatment plan

A reputable and professional company should be able to provide a detailed treatment plan, in writing. You’ll need to know the pricing structure as well as the plan to exterminate bed bugs, what your responsibilities are as the customer and what type of guarantee and follow-up is included.

By taking time to ask questions and choose carefully, you’ll be much more likely to avoid a scam and be rid of those pesky bedbugs in no time!