A bed bug infestation is known to be one of the nastiest types of infestations there are, and the insects don’t play favorites. While many people associate them with uncleanliness, the truth is they’ve even been found in some of the most luxurious hotels. The dorms at Princeton University aren’t immune either. In fact, a recent infestation on the campus displaced a number of students from two separate dorm rooms inside one its residential halls.

On October 1, a student noticed what looked like a bed bug infestation on a piece of furniture that had been brought into a four-person suite at Rockefeller College’s Holder Hall. An exterminator was called in to inspect and the infestation was confirmed.

New York City has been hit hard by bed bugs in recent years. These pesky insects are public health pests that cause red, itchy welts and are notoriously difficult to get rid of.  Even NYC’s own Department of Health became a victim of a bed bug infestation recently.

Calling in bed bug control NYC at the first sign of bed bugs can help prevent a small problem from becoming a huge issue. Because bed bugs often travel with luggage and items of clothing, they can spread quickly from one area to the next. New York City continues to attack the problem through bed bug prevention programs including educating the public with the help of pest management.

Bed bug control NYC has seen some success as of late with more residents understanding the importance of prevention as well as recognizing and treating an infestation quickly. If you suspect you might have bed bugs in your home, remember to call in expert bed bug control like you’ll find at Assured Environments.