Bird lice don’t deserve the criticism they get for being “dirty”.

That’s right. Blink twice and read it again. Bird lice are not dirty insects.

In fact, bird lice–or any other type of lice for that matter–do not eat grime, dirt or bacteria. What they devote their lives to is finding infinite sources of blood on which to consume. They don’t care if somebody hasn’t taken a bath in days or if you shower six times a day. It’s blood they want. And the more bloated a louse is with fresh blood, the faster it will crawl towards the warm, sweet smell of hemoglobin.

Schools, Daycares and Nursing Homes–Bird Lice Love’em!

Birds love to infest spread-out buildings because these buildings offer plenty of concealed nooks and crannies in which to build nests, lay eggs and raise their young. Unfortunately, a bird infestation harbors the potential for a bird lice infestation in schools, daycares and nursing homes simply because so many bodies are crammed together in one building. Imagine if you were a louse and the birds you were feeding on became so overwhelmed with millions of other lice that you needed to find other food resources. A few hundred lice crawling down from the roof, over walls and into a room full of elderly people or children would only take several hours to accomplish.

Hungry lice won’t hesitate to attach themselves to a person’s skin, sink their mandibles into the flesh and start sucking away.

Bird Management Basics–Not as Easy as You Might Think

Your building could be suffering from bird problems and you wouldn’t know it until people in the building start complaining of signs of bird lice–bright red, pinhead-size bite marks, itchiness and skin inflammation. Not only will you need to address your building’s bird infestation by hiring a bird control expert, if it gets to this stage but you will also have to eliminate swarms of lice that are now crawling happily from one individual to another.

Take Action Now

Birds are smart, opportunistic creatures that are most active at or just before dawn, which is wny you may never know you have a massive bird horde squatting in your building. Get your building professionally examined by Assured Environments today to avoid suffering a bird lice infestation that could potentially discredit and disrupt the operation of your business