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Assured Environments Going GREEN in Spain

                On November 14th 2013, Assured Environments will be given the opportunity to present our IPM Green Pest Management Solutions for BPCIF (Barcelona Pest Control International Forum) at the Hotel Confortel Barcelona. Throughout this presentation President / CEO Andrew Klein…

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Innovative Approach to Gull Control

  We’ve all been there – enjoying a beautiful day at the beach when you stop for a snack only to be dive-bombed by gulls hungry for a French fry or other delicious treat. While it doesn’t necessarily ruin the day, it can certainly put a damper on the fun. Having to play defense over your food…

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The Importance of Pest Extermination as the Weather Warms

Summer will be here soon, and as temperatures soar and the humidity rises, it brings an abundance of pesky critters including pests like mosquitos, bees, termites and other bugs. These insects thrive in a warm, moist environment and become more active, reproducing like crazy and searching for food…

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