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Termite Control is a Must with the Arrival of Spring

While many of us look forward to the warmer weather and the blooming of beautiful flowers that spring and summer often bring, those milder days also mean that you’re more likely to discover termites dwelling in your home or business. The combination of moist weather and warmer temperatures can…

termite   termites   termite control   termite management

Tips for Effective Restaurant Fly Management

The beautiful spring weather is here. This time of year, people enjoy dining on the outdoor patios or decks that some eateries offer.  Unfortunately, this often means there can be a huge problem with flies. What can restaurants do to exterminate those flies for effective restaurant fly management…

pest management   restaurant fly control   flies   fly control

Bed Bug Dog Detection: Why a Canine’s Nose is the Best for Eradicating Bed Bugs

A recent article on eHow, explains how to train dogs to sniff out bed bugs. The article discusses why a dog’s nose is really the latest and greatest high tech method for detecting and ultimately eliminating a bed bug infestation. Did you know that when properly trained, dogs have proven to be…

bed bugs   bed bug removal   bed bug dog detection   bed bug exterminator   bed bug inspection   bed bug control

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