There is much to love about summer.  The warm weather can make it a great time for picnics and cookouts, vacations, swimming, and more.  One down side to summer, however, is that it also brings out bugs and odors even in places where they do not seem to exist at other times of the year.  One of these locations is your garbage disposal.  Your garbage chute can really start to develop a strong smell as temperatures start to rise, and debris left behind can create the perfect breeding grounds for all manner of pests.


Assured Environments offers top quality chute cleaning services.   There are many benefits to using these services, the most important of which is safety.  Proper cleaning can remove flammable debris from your chutes while also ensuring that they do not create a breeding ground for stinging insects that could trigger potential allergies.  Chute cleaning services also help to eliminate the odors that can permeate a building, as well as to help eliminate the health hazards that come along with the bacteria and organisms that reside in dirty garbage chutes.

If you are looking for top quality chute cleaning services, contact Assured Environments.  Our process includes pre-soaking the chute on a floor by floor basis to help loosen and soften debris that can get stuck to the walls of the chute.  We will then steam power wash the chute in its entirety using 210 degree water and a powerful disinfectant, followed by a deodorization process that will help ensure that your chutes are clean, safe, and odor free.  Assured Environments provides chute cleaning throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut and can help you make sure that your building’s trash chutes are ready for whatever your tenants or employees and the summer heat may have in store for them.