Many New Yorkers know that the city is filled with many pests.  Not all of them are the six or four-legged kind, but we’re not talking about the two-legged version either.  If you are having a problem with pests like rats, mice or cockroaches, then you may be looking for pest control NYC.  In some rare cases, you may have a pest problem but you don’t know what type of bug you are dealing with. This can make it hard to get rid of them.  There are no sprays or hotels that are made for “that bug in the corner”. 

An exterminator can do a wide variety of things to help get rid of any pest problem:

  • Unknown Pests – If you have bugs and you can’t identify them, an exterminator can come out and tell you what type of bug it is and can work with you on eradication. 
  • Four Legged Pests – There are new and humane ways to deal with the four-legged rat and mouse pests.  Pest control NYC exterminators such as Assured Environments can offer suggestions on the best way to control and stop the infestation of both rats and mice.
  • Bed Bugs – Bed bugs are a frustrating pest because they bite both humans and pets and make life miserable.  Getting rid of them is not difficult to do, at least not as bad as some people make it out to be any way.  Dry steam and natural pesticides can be used to get rid of them along with control methods to keep them away.
  • Cockroaches – Living in some parts of New York City means dealing with cockroaches.  The same can be said about living in any big city in the country.  Getting rid of roaches can be more difficult than getting rid of bed bugs but with control efforts in place and a good exterminator they can be managed.  The best way to do this is to get the neighbors on board, particularly when living in a condo or apartment setting.  If all the neighbors go to the same lengths then the roaches can be completed eradicated.
  • Fleas – Fleas are on the same line as bed bugs but they are much harder to deal with.  Not all over the counter products really work on getting rid of them.  Control measures such as flea dipping your dog or cat can help keep the fleas at bay.  Getting them out of your home is best done through an exterminator who has the pesticides that can kill not only the fleas but their larva too. 

Pest control NYC is always an issue but doesn’t have to be when you have a great exterminator on speed dial!