For vacation rental and hotel owners, summer and fall means it’s travel season time and the increased risk of a bed bug infestation closing down your business. According to a survey conducted by University of Kentucky and the National Pest Management Association, hotels and motels represent the highest increase in reported incidences of bedbugs (up nearly 20 percent), followed by college dormitories, nursing homes, daycare centers/schools and hospitals.

Bedbug Tips for Hotel and Vacation Rental Staff

Many guests who spend a night or two at your hotel or vacation rental have previously stayed at another hotel that may have had a bedbug problem the manager was unaware of or simply ignored. (Bed bugs never just go away!) Unfortunately, this means you may end up paying for that owner’s negligence.

After guests have vacated a room, have your staff perform a thorough search for bedbugs:

  • Inspect mattress seams by visibly examining the seams and running your finger along the seams to disturb any bedbugs that may be hiding there.
  • Look for tiny specks of blood on bed linens before washing them. Bed bugs are most active at night and tend to bite sleeping occupants.
  • With a magnifying glass, inspect the inside of all dresser drawers as well as furniture backs that face the wall.
  • Look in the crevices, tufts and seams of upholstered items in the room
  • Flip over mattresses and check box springs

Early Detection is Key to Avoiding Serious Infestations

When bedbugs remain undetected or ignored, bed bug removal is even more problematic due to the insect’s hardiness and prolific breeding habits. Bed bugs can spread to other rooms or rental units within a few hours of infesting one room and create a health hazard that could lead to the local authorities shutting your business down.

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