A trained professional provides a solid, reliable solution to your pest problem.

What’s your first instinct when you see roaches, mice, termites or any other pests crawling up walls, scurrying under appliances or marching across floors in perfect formation?

Grab a can of insecticide and start spraying, right? Or maybe whip up one of your Grandma’s old-time, pest-killer recipes made of ground-up orange rinds, vinegar and little arsenic?


People who opt for DIY pest control often suffer from emergency respiratory failure, severe skin burns and even house fires when using space heaters and heat guns to get rid of bed bugs. Instead of taking the proactive and economical approach to pest control–such as having a professional pest management company eliminate infestations safely and efficiently–people persist in thinking that killing a large population of pests can be done with over the counter chemicals, bug bombs or Granny’s “guaranteed miracle” roach/rodent/drain fly killing concoction.

They simply don’t work.

Don’t Panic Over a Pest Problem

Creepy-crawly insects, flocks of wild birds, rampaging rodents and biting bed bugs will send anyone into panic mode–even seasoned NYC pest control specialists! So don’t let your fight-or-flight instinct compel you to grab a can of dangerous (and ineffective) chemicals, powder or a fogger that has a very real potential to explode in the right conditions.

Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control:

  • Since all animals behave unpredictably, you really don’t know how some pests will react when you start attacking them, especially birds, rodents, wasps and raccoons. They could hurt you severely enough so that you need medical attention–which is five times more expensive than any store-bought pest control accessories.
  • That iconic image of a skull and crossbones isn’t imprinted on a can of insecticide just because it’s “cool-looking”. It’s there because whatever is in that can is poisonous and potentially lethal. Although spraying may kill pests that come in contact with the chemicals, it won’t kill the eggs, larvae and adult bugs resting snugly in hidden nests throughout your building.

It’s Not Worth the Risks

Your time, your money, your health and the safety of everyone in your building are all at risk when you don’t take quick, productive action against a pest infestation by calling the specialists at Assured Environments. We care about your safety and we’ll always be there right there when you need us the most.