At two Goodwill warehouses in the San Francisco Bay Area recently, bed bugs were spotted, sparking quite a scare among customers. A local exterminator was called in order to eliminate bed bugs as quickly as possible before the problem spread to their stores and ultimate to customer homes. He remarked that he wasn’t surprised as it’s become such a widespread problem with evidence found of infestations in hotels, movie theaters, trains and even libraries.

The nasty critters hide in bedding as well as the cracks and crevices of bedside tables and other furniture – it’s easy to see how quickly they can spread in an environment where used goods are exchanged on a daily basis.

Of course the problem isn’t confined to San Francisco; big cities across the nation are affected, including New York City. In addition to used furniture, they can be transported through clothing and luggage – anywhere there is a large concentration of humans, there is bound to be an increased risk for bed bugs.

The key to battling this frustrating issue is to eliminate bed bugs at the first sign of a problem, just like management at the California Goodwill stores did by calling in an expert exterminator immediately.

Infestations have been skyrocketing over the past decade in New York City and elsewhere. While there are many theories as to why, nothing definitive has been found to explain it. Unfortunately, the Big Apple has been one of the hardest hit areas. Once the bugs have been established in a home or business, if not eradicated quickly they can cause financial disaster. A business may lose customers who are afraid of bringing bed bugs home with them while homeowners may lose their belongings and inventory in addition to both experiencing plenty of stress, frustration and suffering.

It’s crucial to eliminate bed bugs by calling in the professionals at Assured Environments – halting the infestation in its tracks and eradicating the problem quickly before it becomes out of hand.