New York City’s restaurant week was a huge success giving diners the opportunity to eat at some of the best establishments for a fraction of the price, tasting some of the best NYC has to offer. One major concern for restaurants in any major city across the planet is the topic of health and safety.

While many welcome the warmer weather of the spring season, this wonderful time of year also brings out the flies. These pesky insects can quickly ruin the atmosphere at any eatery as well as create an unsanitary environment making restaurant fly control imperative.


The damage flies can cause

Flies are certainly an annoyance, but they are much more than that, especially when it comes to any eating establishment or business that handles perishable goods. Flies can spread disease and even contaminate raw food if not properly controlled.

Few customers want to dine in a restaurant with flies buzzing around their food. The image this creates in the minds of a guest is a filthy, unhealthy establishment, quickly damaging its reputation if steps are not taken for adequate restaurant fly control.


Prevention is key when it comes to flies

Working with an experienced, reputable company like Assured Environments in order to prevent a fly infestation or quickly stop it in its tracks is imperative for the financial stability and positive reputation of any establishment involving food.

Professional restaurant fly control experts can provide invaluable advice as well as set up a program to help keep your establishment fly-free.

Some of the key steps that can be taken include:

It’s important to choose a company like Assured Environments that offers a green approach when it comes to restaurant fly control as toxic substances such as harmful pesticides and poisonous chemicals should not be used near customers or food.