Customers are always curious about the chemicals used by their pest management providers. After all, these chemicals are are being applied in the their buildings, apartments and homes. They are even coming in direct contact with the people inside.


The demand for safer alternatives to chemical pest management is growing. With concerns for our own health as well as the planet’s, businesses now want to use the safest and greenest options possible. Facilities are pursuing this not only to help maintain their corporate sustainability goals, but more importantly to keep themselves and their employees healthy.


When it comes to choosing  between new sustainable pest management and traditional methods, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is cost-effective and easy to maintain. The techniques used with IPM help keep your property clean and environmentally friendly. This brings extended value to your facility and better health to your building, staff or tenants.


IPM is a proactive form of pest control that doesn’t resort to unnecessary chemical use. IPM doesn’t just treat the symptoms of an infestation. Instead it uses strict sanitation and ongoing property maintenance to solve pest problems.  If necessary, green products and procedures are used to eliminate pests. Assured’s methods involve investigating how and why pests are entering a building. They then use a variety of non chemical methods and if needed, low or no-toxicity products to eliminate them.


The sight of exterminators with masks, goggles and rubber gloves can be unnerving. In addition, traditional pesticide use may pose health risks due to the harsh chemicals and fumes. Another risk associated with traditional pest management is that even though spraying might initially decrease the pest population, continued applications may cause insects to build a tolerance to the chemicals, creating an even larger problem.


Rest easy knowing that Assured Environment’s offers LEED compliant services, meaning your property can achieve LEED certification by meeting all requirements for Green Pest management practices. Assured’s standards are consistent with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and can be tailored to meet either GreenShield or LEED certifications.