Have You Heard Your Walls Squeaking Lately?

All buildings occasionally make sounds like creaking, clanking, or groaning. However, if you’re hearing squeaks, cheeps, and squeals coming from the walls of your home or business, you may not be dealing with everyday building noises—you may have rodents settling in to enjoy the warmth and safety of your walls. 

According to a survey done by the National Pest Management Association, one-third of the respondents reported having a rodent infestation during the winter. When the temperatures outside drop, rodents don’t think twice about squatting in a nice, warm building. In fact, the larger the building, the more likely you’ll experience a rodent infestation this winter. 

Learn more about mice squeaking and follow our helpful tips and tricks to keep rodents out of your home, business or facility all year long.

Why do mice squeak?

Mice squeak to communicate, emote and alert. Since mice are nocturnal, you might hear their conversations while you’re trying to sleep. Common reasons mice squeak include:

  • Males courting females
  • Babies looking for mom
  • Alerting others of danger
  • Alerting others to food

Squeaking means that your mouse problem goes beyond a single mouse. And given that mice reproduce quickly, you’ll want to act fast. 

Do rats squeak?A Norway rat slinks along an outside fence.

Rats do squeak but they make other sounds as well. They can hiss or chatter depending whether they feel threatened or happy. Humans (thankfully) don’t hear most of rat communication because it is done at a higher pitch than our hearing allows. These ultrasonic conversations sounds more like whistles or chirps than squeaks.

How can I tell if I have a rodent problem in my home or facility? 

Mice urinate constantly as a way to mark territories and help them find their way back to their nests. That means, unfortunately, that when you have mice you also have urine contamination. Anything gnaw-able, like food packages and baseboards, may have telltale gnaw marks along its edges. 

If you have a rat infestation, you might also notice “runways” alongside walls, or darkened, greasy paths. These marks are made by rats scurrying back and forth from nests to food sources all night long. 

How can Assured Environments help with my rodent infestation? 

Proactive rodent control is vital to your facility’s health 

Don’t wait until rodents have turned your building into their winter getaway. Assured Environments is here to provide a complete pest control evaluation at your facility. If we discover rodent problem, our expert pest control technicians will eradicate the infestation by implementing the necessary treatments to make your facility as inhospitable as possible to all rodents. 

Exterior Rodent ControlA mouse scurries among fallen leaves outside.

Assured’s team can address rodent problems on both sides of your walls. A technician will search the surrounding area for signs of rodent nests or burrows. Depending on their findings, we may take any or all of these steps:

  • Install tamper-resistant rat bait stations secured to the ground.
  • Identify and treat individual rat burrows directly with rodenticide
  • Service all stations on a rotating basis and re-bait/monitor at minimum twice per month.

By proactively stopping outdoor rats and mice before they move inside, we can reduce the chance of infestation in your home or business.

How do I keep rodents out? 

Once we clear your facility of rats, mice, and other pests, there are several things you can do to prevent them from coming back, including: 

  • Seal holes and cracks
  • Eliminate clutter in basements and attics 
  • Repair leaks  
  • Clean clogged drains 
  • Store food properly in airtight containers 

By maintaining a clean and secure home or business, you can reduce the likelihood of a rodent infestation.

Expert Rodent Control Services in NY, NJ and CT

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