How Do I Keep Mosquitoes From Bugging Me at Work?

The only people who should have to deal with mosquitoes every day at work are pest pros like us. Unfortunately, mosquitoes become a common problem around workplaces during the summer because workers often don’t take the proper preventative measures required to keep them out. However, you can become the anti-mosquito champion of the office and your co-workers will follow. Keep reading to learn how to keep mosquitoes from bugging you at work.  

How do I keep mosquitoes away at work? 

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from doing your job. Follow our mosquito prevention tips and tricks so you can do your job in peace.

fixing leak.jpg

Fix any leaks 

Mosquitoes love moisture. The bloodsucking pests mate, hatch eggs, and nest in standing water like condensation and puddles. These pesky pests aren’t picky, either–all they need is a thin film of moisture in a tucked away space to start their multi-generational mosquito infestation.

If you have a mosquito problem at your workplace, it could be due to a plumbing leak. If the pipes or faucets are faulty, they could be providing an ideal nesting place for droves of mosquitoes. It is especially important to look in dark, damp, and warm parts of the building, like the kitchen sink or boiler room, for example. Have any leaks you find repaired immediately.


Dehumidify the office 

Because mosquitoes need moisture to live and reproduce, they prefer setting up shop in damp and humid environments. Consider investing in a portable dehumidifier for the areas of the office that feel hotter, damper, or more humid than the rest of the building.

dishes in sink.jpg

Do the Dishes

Mosquitoes are just as attracted to food and liquids in a kitchen sink as they are to any other standing water. Mosquitoes don’t exclusively enjoy blood; sugar beverages are their other drink of choice. That’s why it’s important that you wash your dishes in the office sink and encourage your coworkers to do the same.

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Don’t leave food out 

From spills on desks to doughnuts on the counter, mosquitoes don’t discriminate. Mosquitoes have no qualms about snacking on simple sugars. Don’t tempt mosquitoes with tasty treats by: 

  • Keeping food in sealed containers
  • Taking out the trash every night–especially if there’s food remnants inside
  • Cleaning out the fridge every couple weeks

How do I get rid of mosquitoes at the office… for good? 

If you’ve followed the tips above and you’re still experiencing a mosquito problem at the office, get in touch with Assured Environments. We can get rid of these pesky pests quickly and efficiently so you and your coworkers can work in peace!