Relationships between tenants and property managers range from contentious to adoring. While this relationship is often one of tolerance and coexistence, a quality property manager will draw a quality clientele, adding to the commercial and residential appeal of your real estate. Here are a few attributes that separate an average property manager from an exceptional property manager.

A good property manager communicates with all clients, both owners and residents… eventually.  But a great property manager has the ability to quickly and clearly communicate with all stakeholders in a situation, including the surrounding community and is easy to reach and approach with questions, 24/7.

Furthermore, while a good property manager is licensed and insured, a great property manager continues to expand their knowledge base with ongoing education. A great property manager is on top of all current and pending legislation and is able to explain and apply this information on a daily basis.

A good property manager has a solution to the issues that are brought to their attention, though the solution may be the same, time and time again. However, a great property manager is proactive about looking for issues that are affecting their facilities and innovative in their methods and problem solving. Great property managers stay up to date on the newest green options and solve ongoing or repeating issues, making sure they do not recur.

Another distinction between good and great property managers is the willingness to look for outside assistance. A good property manager is hands on and tries to fix every problem on their own, but a great property manager knows when to call in expert, professional help, especially when it comes to pest management.

The best property managers do not rely on internet tips or tricks. Their skills are backed up by science and research as well as years of varied hands-on experience in the field. They have a commitment not just to their current clients and facilities, but for all the future residents and visitors to their sites. They use long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

Finally, great property managers take responsibility. Their professionalism and accountability show that they take pride in their work. If there is a problem, they commit to solving it, personally.