Aah, the end of summer. It’s about that time of year when everyone realizes they haven’t had a chance to go on vacation yet. Beaches get crowded. Hotels fill up with last-minute bookings. Flights whizz overhead day and night. Everyone seems to pick up travel fever in late summer. Everyone.

If you’re a hospitality manager, we have good news and bad news about late summer. The good news? Everyone’s traveling, and you’ll probably get a lot of business? The bad news? Everyone’s traveling… including all kinds of pests. Late summer is one of the worst times of year for pest infestations in the hospitality business. If you’re not careful, you could end up busy for all the wrong reasons, rather than the right ones. Here’s how to avoid that. Follow these tips to keep pests from ruining one of the busiest times of the year.

Prioritize high-risk areas

Pests are more likely to find a way inside your establishment through certain areas. Your kitchen and food storage are especially sensitive to infestation. Your laundry room is also a high-risk area. Learn the best treatment options for bed bugs and other fabric-infestors. Make sure you always wash linens at high temperatures to kill any potential infestations.

Your pool area is another place where pests tend to congregate. Make sure your fans work properly to manage excess humidity in the pool and locker rooms.

Retrain your employees

Now is the perfect time to revisit pest control training with your employees. Remind them of how important it is to clean up constantly as they work. Create a schedule for regularly taking out the garbage. Keep a close eye out for flies in and around drains.

Make sure everyone knows to follow the basics, too. No one should ever leave food sitting out or leave doors open, for instance. Finally, train employees to recognize the sights and sounds of pest infestations. Encourage them to report any problems they notice as quickly as possible. The faster you find a pest infestation, the faster you can wipe it out.

Pay attention to aesthetics

The cleaner your workplace looks, the more everyone will want to keep it that way. People are more likely to expect pests in a place that looks dirty, even if pests aren’t there. Keep your lobby is clean and inviting as possible since it’s your first impression.

Don’t underestimate the psychological impact of a clean workspace. Making sure your facility looks good will help you naturally keep pests out. It’s easier to notice problems when everything’s usually immaculate, after all.


Unfortunately, even if you’re as diligent as diligent can be, pest infestations can happen to any business. With all the luggage coming in and out of your building, it’s very difficult to keep unwanted hitchhikers away entirely.

If you do end up with a pest problem, don’t panic! Assured Environments can help you take care of it quickly and discreetly. We’ll make sure you can get back to your busy season without skipping a beat.