For many employees, an office bathroom is the only place of refuge at their workplace. The last thing anyone wants when taking their bathroom break is to hear the telltale scurrying of nearby pests. Unfortunately, an office bathroom is prime for potential pest problems. It’s a home to moisture, full garbage cans, and a wide variety of visitors all day long. It’s a perfect breeding ground for pests.

That said, it is possible to make sure the bathrooms in your office don’t attract uninvited guests. Here are a few of our best bathroom-based office pest prevention tips. Work together with your co-workers to follow these tips, and you can keep your bathroom the sanctuary it’s supposed to be.

Take the time to train the people using the restroom.

Your biggest guard against any potential pest problem is people. Teach office employees best practices and pest-free bathroom etiquette. Have them take out the garbage if it’s full. Put out a note reminding everyone to wipe the sink off after using it. Make sure you specify that the bathroom garbage bin isn’t for food. Don’t point fingers; just make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Another important part of the people factor is that, in many cases, bugs like to hitch rides. Sometimes, coworkers may inadvertently bring pests to work with them. While you’re reviewing workplace pest prevention, teach your coworkers how to keep their homes safe as well. If your coworkers don’t have pests at home, they won’t be able to bring those pests to work.

Keep moisture on the down low.

Bugs love moisture. It is one of the three main things they need to survive other than food and shelter. Moisture is easy to find in bathrooms. Help make your office bathroom less appealing by making an effort to reduce the presence of excess moisture.

Make sure the bathroom has proper ventilation, especially if your restroom contains a shower. Wipe up sinks whenever there’s standing water. If you notice any obvious plumbing leaks, address them immediately.

Keep it clean.

Not all offices are lucky enough to employ a cleaning crew. Sometimes you have to take care of things yourself. In situations like that, it’s easy to see how the bathroom would get neglected. It’s not any one person’s job, and no one’s exactly jumping at the chance to clean a communal bathroom.

Consider implementing a rotating bathroom cleaning schedule. Keep a list of daily and weekly cleaning “to-dos” and make sure someone’s always in charge of completing them. It’s way easier to wipe counters, sweep, and scrub out a toilet than it is to fight off cockroaches. Trust us, we know.


Whether you manage an entire building or just one small office, pest control is a serious responsibility. Don’t sweat it – the pros at Assured Environments are always nearby and ready to help.