How to Keep Rats Out of Your Office Building

When you manage an office building, your first priority is your tenants. Whether they’re advertising agencies, cake making companies, or any other business, they have needs. They need to get their work done easily, readily, and without unnecessary disruption.

At best, rats are pretty much the definition of an unnecessary disruption – and that’s at best! Keeping renegade rodents out of your building is an essential step to keeping your clients happy. We want to help you do that, which is why we’re sharing our best rat prevention tips. Keep up with these procedures, and you and your tenets can rest assured your building will stay rat-free. Rest assured. See what we did there? Please don’t close the tab, here are the tips now:


Keep your trash chute cleaned out.

Trash chutes tend to be the perfect havens for pests, and it’s not hard to understand why. They’re dark, dank, and food waste travels through them. As you probably suspect, rats love trash chutes.

Investing in regular trash chute cleaning is a great idea for a couple reasons. First, it’ll help you protect your building against rat populations. It will also improve office safety and prevent health hazards. Finally, it’ll just help your office feel cleaner and smell better. What’s not to love?


Keep trash bags inside metal bins with sealed tops.

If rats can’t access their potential food sources, they’re going to look elsewhere to find something to eat.


Remove pooling water as soon as you see it.

Preventing rats from taking up residence in your building is all about removing the things that draw them in: food, shelter, and water. Pooling water anywhere can be a draw for pests, furry and otherwise, so keep on top of managing it at all times.

Keep any leaks in hoses or pipes repaired as soon as the leaks are discovered. Pay attention to water coolers, mop buckets, and anything that uses water. Make sure that water stays where it belongs, not all over the floor.


Stay on top of sealing cracks or holes.

The best way to keep rats out of your building is… by literally keeping them out of your building. Don’t just pay attention to preventative measures indoors; keep an eye on the outdoor perimeter of your building as well.

Look for cracks and crumbles in brick, any doors that don’t close all the way, or holes in any outward facades. Cutting off those potential access points will be your biggest guard against rat problems.


Implement building-wide rules regarding the use and storage of food.

You won’t always be able to intricately manage the food practices of each of your tenants. You can, however, provide them with best practice information by implementing building-wide rules and making sure your clients know them.


If rats somehow find their way into your office building despite your best efforts, don’t worry!

You can call the experts at Assured Environments and we’ll send someone over quickly to get them out and keep them out.