Keeping a hotel pest-free is uniquely challenging. Many of the most common and pernicious pests around spread by traveling. You see more travelers than virtually any other business. On top of those struggles, there are also the simple logistics to consider. Bed sheets, clothing, boxes, bags, food, toiletries – whatever pests are looking for, you’ve got plenty.  

So, how could you possibly keep hotels pest-free? In our experience, the only answer is knowledge, vigilance, and an action plan that works. As a hotel owner, you have a greater responsibility to pestproof than most any other kind of business. Along with that responsibility comes a responsibility to understand pest-proofing and implement a pest-proofing plan that works. Here’s what every hotel owner or manager should know and do to keep up with their businesses’ pest proofing. You have what it takes!

Stay on top of bed bug prevention best practices

With strangers filtering in and out of your hotel constantly, you’ll need to know more about bed bug prevention than the average person. Here’s a crash course.

Put protective plastic covers on all mattresses and box springs to keep bed bugs from accessing potential nesting areas. Utilize power outlet covers for outlets to block off one of their less-recognized hiding spots. Vacuum frequently, especially before and after guests visit. Always wash linens on the highest possible heat setting to kill bed bug eggs you may not be able to see.

Last but not least, regularly inspect furniture for the obvious visual signs of bed bugs. Look behind headboards, underneath couches and wall hangings, inside drawers, and around other areas that are out of sight. It’s a good idea to train cleaning staff in finding bed bugs specifically.

Keep every room clean

If you truly want to make sure your guest rooms are pest-proof, you have to keep every room pest-proof.

Make sure you’re doing your best through your entire property by keeping up with simple, actionable habits. Take out the garbage, clean up messes as they happen, and maintain the seals on windows and doors.

Watch out for the pests you’re especially vulnerable to

The pests most likely to find their way into your hotel are the “traveling” pests. Some pests spread primarily by hitching rides on bags and clothing. We’ve already covered bed bugs, but fleas and flies are also frequent travelling pests.

Stay vigilant! Clean your place regularly, and eliminate the sources of food, water, and shelter traveling pests come looking for. Make sure you clean thoroughly after every guest leaves.

Have a pro on stand-by just in case

Do your research and have a reliable and fast-acting pest control company’s phone number on hand before problems happen. This way, when they do, you already know exactly what you need to do to get it taken care of quickly. That way, there’s as little downtime as possible for your hotel.


We might be biased, but if you’re ever looking for a pest pro to help make your hotel in the best in the city, we recommend Assured Environments. We have the skill, experience, and tools we need to make your whole building spotless and ready for guests.