Proper handling of water in food facilities and restaurants is difficult simply because water seems to splash, drip, sprinkle and flow everywhere. However, when water is improperly handled and allowed to leak inadvertently into concealed areas, it immediately begins attracting all kinds of living things–especially unwanted pests like cockroaches, drain flies and rodent infestations.

Competent water management is not only an effective preventive to pest infestations but also promotes the viability of a food facility’s image and brand. Keep your commercial facility pest-free; whether it be a commercial kitchen, food processing plant or similar – with these tips for controlling water spillage:

High Pressure Hoses

Although high pressure hoses get the job done quickly and efficiently, they may force negligible amounts of organic matter into inaccessible areas where pests can enjoy feasting in private. Moreover, cleaning with high pressure hoses accelerates deterioration of tile grout and floor sealants, a problem that attracts even more pests that are small enough to slip through tiny cracks and crevices.

Instead of hosing floors clean, mop them with a strong, disinfectant solution. Also, make sure to mop under equipment to reduce debris pile-up points and stick to a regular mopping schedule. When pests realize they aren’t going to find goodies anymore, they’ll go elsewhere.

Replace Tile Grout with Epoxy Grouts

Made of compounded resins, epoxy grout is waterproof and much more resistant to industrial cleaners, high pressure hoses and organic debris damage than tile grout. If you like your power-jet hoses, consider using epoxy grout to protect facility floors.

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

Pay extra special attention to rubber floor mats, especially those thick, corrugated mats that are natural “wet dirt” collectors. They should be checked by employees after each shift to ensure water and debris isn’t pooling underneath them.

Floor drains should never be blocked, not even partially by mobile cabinets or other equipment. When drains aren’t easily accessible, they can’t be easily cleaned. Consequently, employees may simply forget that the drain is even there. Drain flies discovering a neglected but still-in-use drain will congregate, proliferate and aggravate!

If you discover pests while drying out your facility, don’t hesitate to call Assured Environments for complete elimination of an insect, bird or rodent infestation. We also offer state-of-the-art preventative services to help keep your facility pest-free all year long.