How Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs Stop Bed Bugs Fast

A bed bug sniffing dog is no different than a drug or bomb sniffing dog. It’s simply a matter of training the dog to identify a specific smell.  Like anything, bed bugs have their own unique scent. At Assured Environments we employ a team of police certified K9 bed bug detection dogs that are the best in New York and New Jersey.

A German Shepard sniffs for bed bugsHaving a dog locate bed bugs in your NYC home or business saves you time and money. Dogs are 97% accurate and can locate bed bugs much quicker than their human handlers. Not only are K9 detectors fast, but they can also pinpoint where the bed bugs are so we can focus treatment efforts only where you need them. Learn how K9 bed bug inspection services work and why they’re your best bet to get rid of bed bugs.

How to 

Train a Dog to Detect Bed Bugs

Can dogs smell bed bugs? Absolutely!

Training a dog to sniff out bed bugs simply requires time, patience and a supply of fresh bed bugs. Bed Bug ID training can vary from trainer to trainer but essentially the trainer rewards their dog for identifying the thing they want it to find.

In the case of bed bugs, the trainer first hides a (carefully covered) container with live bed bugs in it and then lets the dog explore the room. When the dog discovers the bed bugs, the trainer praises and rewards it. They may also hide a separate container with bed bug eggs or sheds to teach the dog to identify other signs of bed bugs.

Why Dogs Are Good Bed Bug Hunters

Close up of a bed bug sniffing dog's nose.While human trainers rely on their eyes to identify bed bug infestations, dogs use their heightened sense of smell. In fact, scientists estimate that a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than a human’s. This means bed bug sniffing dogs accuracy is significantly greater than ours.

Because bed bugs are so tiny (about the size of an apple seed) and bed bug nymphs are even smaller, humans have a lesser chance of consistently locating bed bugs. Throw in that bed bugs are shy and tend to hide in cracks, creases and crevices and your chances of making visual contact are even lower.

One of our bed bug dogs in NYC will be able to enter your home or business and find bed bugs within 15 minutes of going into a room. The best part is, we don’t have to move the furniture or pull things apart to confirm their presence. The dog does it for us.

The other advantage is that dogs can pinpoint exactly where the bed bugs are. There’s no need to treat your entire home if the infestation is only in one room. But we will need to act quickly before they spread.

How to Choose a Certified Bed Bug Inspection Team in New York

A trainer and his bed bug K9Assured takes its training and certifications seriously. Most of our handler and dog teams have worked together for years and many of them live together.

Twice a year our teams are recertified to National Pest Management Association (NMPA) standards. This means you get the best bed bug dog inspection team in New York City. No need to worry about false scents or uncertain results.

A certified team is especially important for commercial bed bug detection where unique challenges and distractions can make the dog’s job more difficult.

How to Prepare for Your K9 Bed Bug Inspection

Once you’ve scheduled your K9 inspection, prepare your home or business by removing your pets and any food that could be a distraction. This includes pet toys and pet foods.

We also ask that your home not be treated with any other pesticides or chemicals in the past 30 days. Lemon pledge, bleach and fresh paint could all interfere with your results,

In commercial properties, we ask that you turn off the ventilation and don’t vacuum the day before service.

Bed Bug TreatmentsA technician treats a room for bed bugs with steam

If our dogs do find bed bugs on your property, you can trust Assured to act quickly with effective bed bug treatment measures.  Assured offers conventional treatments like HEPA vacuuming and steam treatment to target specific areas or thermal bed bug treatment that raises the temperature to kill all bed bugs in the treated area.

We also offer off-site fumigation to treat your belongings in a safe enclosed space that won’t be toxic to your home.

Fast & Accurate Bed Bug Detection in NYC

Man’s best friend is your best ally when it comes to bed bugs. If you’re worried that bed bugs have gotten into your home or business, our team can quickly identify and treat them. Call Assured today or fill out our service form to get in touch with one of our helpful pest control experts.