Operating a nursing home or assisted living facility is a demanding 24/7 job that requires the manager to stay active, vigilant and compassionate at all times. To remain viable in an industry complicated by strict federal and state regulations, nursing homes and their managers must strive to achieve several results, specifically customer satisfaction, retention of skilled employees and profitability.

Nursing home administers are never removed from the center of all that occurs at their facility. In addition to attending to patient and staff needs, administrators are constantly exercising their leadership and management skills by solving hundreds of emergent issues arising daily, from dealing with resident interactions and new patient arrivals to HIPAA security/privacy rules and maintaining sufficiently qualified staff.

Priorities Every Nursing Home Manage Should Consider

  • Establishment of emergency plans in the event of a fire, bomb threat or weather-related emergency
  • Number and location of smoke detectors/fire extinguishers are in compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Maintaining supportive, friendly and empathetic interactions between residents and staff
  • Providing a diversity of activities in which patients are able to participate (recreational, wellness, creative, social and spiritual)
  • Implementing plans for staff to receive continuous training education either at the facility or a local community college.
  • Ensuring patients have access to a sufficient number of licensed RNs and LPNs at all times

For more information about regulations governing nursing homes visit the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services at https://www.cms.gov

The Importance of Infection Control

Immune systems of elderly people cannot fight off disease as well as younger, healthier systems so infection control is a top priority of nursing home managers. Even simple colds or seasonal allergies can spread rapidly from patient to patient within several hours of one patient coming down with a sickness.

Infections related to pest infestations can wreak havoc with both patients, staff and the reputation of your nursing home. Unless regular pest control management practices are implemented, the risk of patients developing skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases due to exposure to rodent, bird or insect infestations is high, especially when infestations in their early stages often go unnoticed and, consequently, untreated.

Nursing homes can also be a haven for bed bugs, providing fertile ground for bed bugs to hitchhike between beds and living areas. It is crucial for the facility manager to schedule regular checkups with a a pest management professional to put preventative measures in place and to ensure that a small bed bug problem doesn’t become a facility wide issue.

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