Three decades ago, the Turkestan cockroach arrived on U.S. soil from its native Asia. Since that time, it has invaded the Southwest and is spreading to other parts of the country, adapting well to the climate in the United States, living year-round in buildings of all types and invading businesses, restaurants and homes quickly. A study being conducted at New Mexico State University by Professor Alvaro Romero is looking at the best control options for this prolific insect and other cockroach varieties.

The study, which has spanned a period of three years, has found some interesting facts about the cockroaches:

  1. They reproduce quickly and only require six months to grow to an adult size.
  2. They thrive in places with fecal residue, which makes them a serious health risk.
  3. They can contributes to problems with allergies and asthma when they invade homes.

These three factors point to the reason that finding a way to control this particular strain of cockroach is crucial to the health and well being of your customers and clients.

Romero’s research has discovered two basic approaches to dealing with cockroach infiltration, both of which can be handled by pest control professionals. First, you need to prevent cockroaches from entering the building using barriers to block crevices and cracks that make common entry points. Finding all of these crevices and cracks is challenging, but our skilled team knows where to look. Second, Romero recommends commercial pest control companies to kill existing populations of cockroaches.

The team at Assured Environments uses the latest products, including non-chemical, sustainable options, to help protect your employees from the risks associated with cockroaches and other insect pests. If you’ve noticed signs of cockroaches at your facility, give us a call to learn more about our green approach to cockroach control.