New Year’s Resolutions are tricky. It’s easy to blow them off as silly or pointless. We’re big believers in making efforts to improve your life, however–regardless of what time of year it is. That’s why we put together this list of good new year’s resolution suggestions. Suggestions all about pest control. …Because we’re big believers in pest control, too. Obviously.

Imagine if you could get through 2018 without worrying about a single pesky pest entering your business. Well, you can! Follow these new year’s resolutions this year, and a pest-free 2018 can–no, will–be yours. Happy New Year!


Stay on top of your indoor cleaning

The number one thing that draws pests inside is the prospect of food. This new year, get in the habit of limiting their prospects. Set up a schedule for indoor cleaning. Make sure it’s always someone’s responsibility to keep the kitchen clean. Have someone else take out the garbage every night. Put a third person on sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping duty. Make sure everyone takes their food home at the end of the day.

You’d be surprised how far a little business tidying up can go when it comes to preventing pests. Wash dirty dishes, wipe counters, and put away food, and you can look forward to a pest-free new year.

Stay on top of your outdoor cleaning

The easiest way for pests to find their way into your business is by making another shelter nearby first. While outside, they’ll hunker inside a wood pile, bush, or dumpster near the outside of your business. From this makeshift shelter, they’ll wait patiently for their shot at the holy grail of shelters: your building.

It’s harder to drive pests out than it is to keep them away in the first place. Take away the initial makeshift shelters pests use to make your building less approachable. Keep garbage bins and cans at least 20 feet away from the building. Make sure wood piles and other debris are elevated, organized, and inaccessible. Keep entryways, crawlspaces, and windows clean and clear. Keeping the area outside your business clean makes it considerably harder for pests to get in.

Stop leaving dishes in the sink without rinsing them off first

We mentioned this briefly in the first point, but we’re repeating it because oh boy is it important. Rinse your dishes before leaving them in the sink. Actually, don’t leave dishes in the sink at all. Removing potential food sources from creeping critters is going to be your best safeguard against infestation.

Take out the garbage more often

Take the garbage out every day. Garbage cans work double duty for pests by providing both food and shelter. Take it out regularly so they never have the chance to make a home in your trash.

Pay attention to the seals around your doors and windows

If pests can’t get in in the first place, then they can’t spread and infest your business. Take a look at the caulk around windows and doors every couple months. Look for cracks or holes, and seal them as soon as you find them. That way, no pests can use those entrances as a way to cause you trouble.

Get to know the pests around you

A little knowledge goes a long way. Learn about the pests in your community so that you can better protect against them.

Even if you one take up one or two of these resolutions, you’re way ahead of most people. When your best efforts aren’t enough, you’ve got the experts at Assured Environments to help with all your pest removal and prevention needs.