Assured Environments, New York’s largest and oldest pest control firm, has built a solid reputation for its professional, environmentally-friendly pest management solutions. Now the company   to make it easier for people to learn how to eliminate cockroaches, ants, bed bugs and other annoying pests.

The “new and improved” website features an informative section, aptly nicknamed “PESTipedia,” which contains information about pests that are indigenous to the New York Tri-State area. “While initially, we will launch the new site with only a few of these pests, we hope that by this time next year this section will contain detailed information of at least 20 of the most common pests to New York homes and businesses,” said Assured Environment’s marketing director, Evan Rosenblum.

Initially, website visitors can peruse PESTipedia to learn more about ants, bed bugs, roaches, flies and mice. In fact, each pest page, such as the ‘Ants’ page, provides a wealth of information about the types, lifecycle, breeding and feeding habits, dangers and effects on humans, and control and treatment of each bug. It also highlights five interesting things people may not know about the pest. Additionally, the site offers visitors the ability to have pests identified. With this free service, people are afforded the opportunity to deliver a sample of the pest—dead or alive—to either the company’s office or by uploading a picture of the sample through the website.  

The redesigned website conveniently breaks out information for commercial and residential customers. It even presents advice specifically for individuals who are renting or traveling through New York and New Jersey. For instance, it tells renters what to do before moving into a new living space, and advises travelers which steps to take to avoid picking up bed bugs while they’re on the road. The website also includes an abundance of information about the company’s history, leadership, philosophy and solutions, as well as links to its commercials and other helpful videos.

Very soon, a fully-automated shopping cart will be added to allow website visitors to purchase limited pest control solutions that are sold by the company. Orders can be placed for several products: Mattress Encasements, Cimex Rest Assured™ and The Bed Bug Annihilator™. Cimex Rest Assured is an all-natural bed bug killer that provides a non-toxic way to quickly eradicate bed bugs, roaches, fleas, ticks, lice, scabies and many ants and spiders on contact. The product is safe to use at home, on clothes and in suitcases—even around pets, plants and people. The Bed Bug Annihilator is a portable, collapsible heat chamber that will kill bed bugs in minutes. It’s safe to use on clothes, books, electronics, small appliances and any other items that can fit inside the chamber, making it ideal for any individual or business.

“The entire concept of the site is based on education and user-friendliness,” Rosenblum explained. “Yes, we are service providers. Yes, we do sell products. But mainly we see ourselves as a professional and expert resource and hope that our website will be helpful to anybody with pest problems, questions or concerns. In fact, in addition to the PESTipedia and free pest identification, we also plan to have reviews on common pest control products to advise customers of the ideal solutions.”