Mayor Bloomberg’s administration and the City council announced new regulations targeting NY landlords who neglect bed bug infestations in their buildings. 

Under the new rules building owners are required to inspect and treat for bed bugs in surrounding units of any unit that has bed bug activity.  Effective immediately the new bed bug regulations in NYC specify that they must also notify tenants if bed bugs are found in their building and provide a bed bug eradication plan.  Landlords will be required to get a licensed exterminator to fill out a sworn affidavit indicating that the bed bug problem has been treated.    Any building owner who disregards these new rules may face serious fines. 

Bed bug infestations have shot up in recent years in New York City due to their ability to travel from place to place on clothing, luggage, used furniture and even directly on people.  Assured Environments, a local New York pest control company, has been providing quality, effective pest control for 75 years and offers highly accurate Bed Bug Canine Detection Services in New York.  For more information on the new bed bug regulations or to learn more about K-9 bed bug inspections please call 212-709-3713.