With the rise in bed bug infestations, many people are trying to figure out the facts about them rather than relying on “wives tales” or other false information.  It is important to know everything there is to know about them including ways to prevent them from invading your home. 

The following are some of the facts and fictions of NYC bed bugs:

  • Fiction: NYC bed bugs only live in the bedroom area of a home.  This is fiction because while they are found frequently in the bedroom, they are actually located in any area of the home where people or pets spend any time.  So while you may not find them in the shed where your tools are stored, your pet’s bed, and the living room couch or office chairs can have bed bugs because there is a food supply.
  • Fiction:  Bed bugs must have blood or they die after a few weeks.  In all actuality, a bed bug can live for more than a year without food.  This means that even though you may not have been bitten, there could still be bed bugs in your home.  Even if there are no signs, you need to check your home for the physical signs of the bugs.
  • Fact:  You can carry bed bugs on your clothing from one location to another.  This is a fact and it is only one way that infestations occur.  Once a bed bug has found its way into your home it can start an entire community if you get more than one hitchhiking bed bug.
  • Fact:  Bed bugs do not carry any communicable diseases.  This is indeed a fact.  There is no scientific proof that any diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis or any other communicable disease are spread through beg bug bites. 
  • Fiction:  Bed bugs are only found in furniture such as couches and beds.  They can also live behind the baseboards of the house and behind the wallpaper too.  They are not limited to hiding in the furniture.  This is one reason why eradication of NYC bed bugs is such an issue.

Bed bugs are an ever growing problem.  It is not known why since 2006 they have become a growing problem.  There are many theories but nothing concrete has been found to explain this rise in the population of bed bugs.  Learning the facts and fiction about bed bugs is the best way to prepare yourself if there is an infestation in your business. The next best thing to do is to partner with Assured Environments.