Summer in the Big Apple is full of bustling crowds and high temps. Unfortunately, it’s also prime pest season. The heat that comes with a New York summer allows several types of pests to thrive and stay active for a long period of time. Keep your eye out for the following pests so they don’t take over your New York summer.

NYC Pests That Thrive in the Summer


The wasp queen comes out of hibernation in early spring. By summer, wasp colonies are in full swing. In the late summer, wasps stop hunting for protein for their offspring and start hunting for themselves, which makes them even more prevalent.

The solution:

Wasps swarm around places they can find food like garbage cans and compost. Prevent wasps from entering your business by keeping your garbage sealed in plastic bags and rinsing out bottles and cans before recycling them.


Not only will flies enter your business to escape the heat, summertime is also when they reproduce. This combination of behavior will cause a total fly infestation in your space.

The solution:

Flies enter buildings through openings by windows and cracks in the foundation. Keep flies out by doing your best to cover entrance points. If the pests do get inside, however, spray your property with water and a few drops of essential oils like lemongrass, peppermint, or lavender. Flies hate the smell of essential oils so this will deter them from entering your space.


Early summer is commonly when ants start ramping up the development of their colony. Many ants stay outside. However, during droughts or rain storms, these pests may head inside to find shelter or in search of food.

The solution:

Ants love moisture, darkness, and food. To keep ants out of your NYC property, don’t provide them with their favorite things. Clean countertops after each meal, vacuum once a day, and seal food in plastic containers.


These pesky pests become problematic when their eggs hatch in early summer. If you have a centipede infestation, it’s most likely the house centipede. This is the only type of centipede that can complete its entire life cycle indoors.

The solution:

If you have centipedes in your space, they’re there looking for moisture. One way that you can prevent these pests is by putting a dehumidifier in your home or business to reduce moisture accumulation.

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