Before tenants are inclined to rent buildings from landlords, concerns may arise when everyone has ignored pest control NYC tenants will require looked after before renting.  When potential commercial and residential property investors are finding out about current tenants and bug problems around the Big Apple, tenant interviews are often conducted before any purchasing decisions are made.

The Tenant Interview Process

Much can be uncovered during the interview in regards to their tenancy and experience in the building, as well as the area in general – especially where bug infestations are concerned.  Many tenants will give you a wealth of information if you give them the right questions to respond to.  

For instance, “Tell me what your likes and dislikes are about this building.”; “Have you had any bad experiences in the building you can share?”; “How is the security in the building and in the surrounding area?”; “Have you had any problems with the HVAC or elevators?”; “Have you experienced any leakage from the windows when it rains?” and finally, “Are there currently cockroach infestations in your apartment?” Asking these questions could sway the investor’s decision instantly; therefore, gain the best possible insight.

Interviewing the Property Manager and Building Engineer

When interviewing the property manager and building engineer, keep in mind they are representing the seller and don’t want to say anything that might upset the transaction. Try to get them to understand (if they’re with a third party management company) that if they’re going to stay on with the building after the close of escrow, they’re going to have to be forthcoming with information with you, “good, bad or ugly”.  This will sometimes prompt them into telling you more about the issues and problems of the property and tenants.           

Since most times finding the most accurate pest control NYC landlords need in order to sell their building doesn’t come very cheap, or easy, it’s best to perform homework and eliminating the problems before anything rash comes out of your investor’s piqued interests.