Pest control firm Assured Environments is now offering an extremely effective and professional bed bug preparation service that can help people get rid of bed bugs while saving a considerable amount of money, hassle and time.  

Assured Environments’ bed bug preparation service includes inspecting the client’s premises, removing and cleaning items to get rid of bed bugs, and storing the items off site while the structure is treated for bed bugs. During the preparation process, the company’s certified technicians will bag and remove all bedding, clothing, papers, books and DVDs, as well as everything from the closets and shelves. Clients can use the service to prepare a home, apartment, business or almost any other edifice for an upcoming bed bug treatment. “People can be relieved that they don’t have to touch or deal with the bed bugs themselves,” said Kelley Furlong, Assured Environments’ bed bug division manager. “Hiring Assured Environments for both preparation and treatment means we will take care of the issue from beginning to end. Our preparation process is quick, safe and green.”

The better the bed bug preparation process, the more effective the bed bug treatment will be. Therefore, Assured Environments works diligently with clients to tailor its comprehensive bed bug preparation service to best meet their needs. For clothing or retail stores, for example, the company can fumigate all items with Vikane gas. This particular fumigation process, which is handled at an off site location, is the most effective treatment – certain to eradicate any bed bug infestations – and is 100% safe upon completion, as it leaves no residuals on any items that are treated. Assured Environments also has an effective method of steaming clothes on-site to get rid of bed bugs.  For health care properties, it even offers a complete manual preparation in which everything is cleaned professionally by hand and wiped with alcohol or concentrated enzyme solutions. All bedding is removed and washed. Drawers and shelves are also cleaned.

Eighty-five percent of people receiving bed bug treatments complete the preparation on their own, according to Furlong. They often spend hours—if not days—dealing with the issue, not to mention thousands of dollars on laundering, dry cleaning clothes and storage fees. However, with Assured Environments’ bed bug preparation service, people can minimize the hassle and expense of getting ready for a bed bug treatment.

Assured Environments’ bed bug preparation service is a simple, convenient and economical solution for individuals and businesses on almost any budget. Clients can enjoy special discounts by using Assured Environments for both the bed bug preparation and bed bug treatment services. They can also avoid storage fees and hassles, since the company will store all items (that must be removed from the premises) for two weeks during the bed bug treatment. “Hiring professionals for preparation is affordable, cost-efficient and proven to work,” says Furlong.

Bed bugs are an expanding national problem that was recently addressed by the Bed Bug Management, Prevention and Research Act of 2011. The bill was introduced in Congress in March in response to the dramatic resurgence of bed bugs in the United States. As a leading pest control company, Assured Environments is helping people eliminate the problem with its bed bug preparation and bed bug treatment services.

To learn more about Assured Environments’ bed bug preparation and bed bug treatment services, please contact Kelley Furlong at 646-783-5133.