When temperatures start to plummet in the winter, you aren’t the only one who is looking for a warm place to cozy up. Rodents and many types of insects will also start looking for a warm place to ride out the winter, making your business vulnerable. As you seek to protect your customers this winter, make sure you pay attention to common winter pest threats. Here are three pests that can be a real headache during the winter.

1. Bed Bugs – Bed bugs do not hibernate. They are active and reproduce year-round. While your hotel or hospital is not at higher risk for these pests during the winter, you still must stay vigilant to ensure you are providing adequate protection to your patients and customers during the winter months. If your facility has beds, couches or similar breeding grounds, contact Assured Environments to inspect for and protect from bed bugs.

2. Rodents – Mice and rats are mammals, and mammals need to be warm in the winter. It doesn’t take a big hole for a mouse to squeeze into your facility. Mice only need a hole the size of a pencil, and rats can squeeze through something as small as a quarter. Sealing all holes is nearly impossible in a commercial space, so expect rodent populations to increase in the winter months.

3. Spiders – Most spiders do not pose a health risk, but if your customers have one drop in their lap or notice a web in the corner it will greatly impact their impression of your business. If you notice a problem with spiders as the temperatures drop, professional pest control can help.

At Assured Environments, we take a sustainable approach to pest control. With our help, you can rid your facility of these winter pests, without toxic chemicals that detract from your business’s environmentally friendly goals.