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3 Commercial Pest Control Horror Stories

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It’s horror story season, which can only mean one thing for pest control companies: pest horror stories. What could be spookier than the literal creepy crawlies, after all? Assured is specifically a commercial pest control company. That means we hear about the big infestations. The ones that ruin businesses… and lives! Here are three of the most horrifying commercial pest control horror stories we’ve ever come across. Happy Halloween!

That One Time An Indian Air Plane Was Grounded Because of Rats

You read that right. Back in the summer of 2014, Air India flight AI021 found itself facing a rather unusual plane problem. A problem with unwanted passengers. Passengers… (Imagine we’re holding a flashlight up to our faces for this part) of the furry variety! The plane was positively overrun by dozens of rats. They were running up and down the cabin like they owned the place.

No one is sure how so many furry hijackers made their way on board, but the airline took the danger seriously. Left unchecked, rodents cause all kinds of problems. They chew through electrical wires, destroy paneling, and - of course - leave their waste behind everywhere they go. Imagine all that happening on a plane! That’s just plane gross.

That One Time a Bed Bug Infestation Caused Policy Change in Maine

Bed bug infestations happen. In most cases, they’re easily addressed through fumigation or heat treatments. Sometimes, however, things don’t work out so easily. Sometimes… things go wrong. This is the story of one such time occurring in a couple boarding houses in Maine. The infestations in these properties were so intense that bed bugs were found throughout the building. There were bed bugs in the common areas, hallways, bathrooms--everywhere.

The intensity of the infestation got the attention of the Maine Center for Disease Control and local government. They introduced an ordinance that would assign landlords responsibility for addressing bed bug infestations. It doesn’t help the original tenants, but at least no future have to cope with such a scary situation.

That One Time Giant Lizards Ate People’s Pets in Tampa, FL

Reptiles are a staple of horror stories. From Godzilla’s radioactive roar to that one really bad giant alligator movie with Bill Pullman, they’re frequently center stage in our creepy stories. And for good reason, too. Reptiles are cold, scaly, and they often have big, sharp teeth.

When it comes to real life horror, there’s the Tegu. Tegu are exotic lizards capable of growing as big as a person’s leg. They’re all over the place in southern Florida. Tegu originally came to the US when exotic pet breeders imported them from overseas. Soon, a tegu or two got loose, reproduced… and the rest of history. Wild tegu feed on eggs, frogs, lizards… and people’s pets.

Today, tegus are such a problem for Florida businesses that lawmakers have to fight back Earlier this year, Florida passed a bill allowing hunters to trap and kill tegu. No more feasting on house pets for them.

Save yourself from starring in your own pest control horror story by calling the experts at Assured Environments. We’ll defeat your horror movie monsters so you don’t have to.

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